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Musktool-VCT160 Pirani Vacuum Gauge

Musktool-VCT160 Pirani Vacuum Gauge

2023-08-01 16:47:51  

Pirani Vacuum Gauge

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Musktool-VCT160 Pirani Vacuum Gauge


VCT160 is a smart and cost effective Pirani vacuum gauge.designed in split type, the sensor and electronic unit areseparated by cable connection. VCT160 is target formedium and low vacuum application. By innovative andintelligent technology and leading manufacturing process,plus continuous optimization in structural design, shape andsize, and operation method,VCT160 has tremendousadvantages in reliability, easy-usability and high costeffectiveness.


·Vacuum measurement
  -Dual or single Pirani sensor
  -PG-160 senor is designed for electromagnetic interference shielding
  -Four-way SNDT relay(NO and NC),easy configurationfor setpoints
  -Analog out and Modbus RTU
  -Multiple unit(torrpa,mbar) and formate(normal orscience type) are optional and easy shift


Materials exposed to vacuum SS316.Covartungsten,glass
Measurements Range1.0x10-1~1.0x10+5 Pa(Air, N2, adjustment is necessary for other gas)
Accuracy(% of reading)



Repeatability (air)(% of reading)



Display accuracy(% of reading)+/-10%; zero shifts: B29+/-5%
Data acquisitionDigit resolution: 1% ; response time: <100ms; update rate of display: 1s
InputsFour press buttons for: units selection、calibration for Atm and high vacuum.setpoints
Output Voltage analog, Modbus RTU
Control unitFour way SNDT relay; load: 3A/220VAC,non inductive load; response time:<1s ;Setpoint remembering when power lose
Admissible temperatureOperation:0C~+45°C;Storage:-40C~+75°C Vacuum connection parts: 180C Max (electronic unit removed)
Power consumption10W Max
Power supply +85VDC~265VAC(20%)/0.5Ais recommended
Electrical connectionDB Sub9, 9-pin malelanalog output, RS485 output, power supply, identification)
Vacuum connection  DN 16 ISO-KF(other optional)
Weight 0.5KG (including 2 DN 16ISO-KF and 2 cable with 3m length)
Mounting typeEmbed hole: 90X90(+0.2/-0.0)mm

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