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Musktool-PRG500 Digital Pirani Gauge

Musktool-PRG500 Digital Pirani Gauge

2023-08-01 16:48:02  

Contact Us for QuotationEmail: mewoi008@mewoi.comWhatsapp:+8619928420370Musktool-PRG500 Digital Pirani GaugeFeature·Vacuum range from 2.0E-2Pa to 1.0E+5Pa.·Bright digital LED real-time display of vacu

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Contact Us for QuotationEmail: mewoi008@mewoi.comWhatsapp:+8619928420370

Musktool-PRG500 Digital Pirani Gauge


·Vacuum range from 2.0E-2Pa to 1.0E+5Pa.
·Bright digital LED real-time display of vacuum level, clear and easy to read.
·Intelligent calibration, automatic identification of atmospheric and high vacuum zero position.
·Support temperature automatic compensation, wider application range
·Support Pa, Torr and mbar display unit switching.
·Dual communication mode, supports data communication (Modbus) and analog output (optional).
·Supports vacuum set point control (optional).
·Highly compatible with international mainstream vacuum gauge brands, can realize seamless replacement.
·Adapted to IVMS system, real-time acquisition and recording of vacuum data.
·Compact and delicate body, special structural design enhances physical safety performance.


·Vacuum measurement and control in the low and medium vacuum range, such as vacuum drying, food freezing, vacuum impregnation, vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment and many other fields.

Main technical indicators

Vacuum contact materialsSS316L stainless steel, tungsten, cuttable, glass
Measurement range2.0x10-2~1.0x10+5Pa (air, N2, other gases need correction factors)
Measurement accuracy

2.0x10-2~1.0x10-1Pa: ±30%

1.0x10-1~1.0x10+4Pa: ±10% 


Measurement repeatability

2.0x10-2~1.0x10-1Pa: ±5%

1.0x10-1~1.0x10+3Pa: ±2% 

1.0x10+3~1.0x10+5Pa: ±5%

DemonstrateBlue LED liquid crystal display, scientific counting method display
Data acquisitionResolution 1%, response time <100ms
Temperature CharacteristicsOperating temperature 0°C to +45°C, storage temperature -40°C to +75°C
Probe Baking Temperature180°C Max (without electronic control unit)
Maximum power consumption1W Max
Power supplyRecommended +24VDC(+20%)/0.5A. Suitable for +5VDC~30VDC
Electrical Signal InterfaceRJ45 network port (analog voltage, RS485, power input, control output)
Vacuum chamberConnection: DN16ISO-KF (other options available), max. pressure 1.5x10+5Pa
Weight120 g (with DN16 ISO-KF flange)

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