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Musktool-FST200-202A Heated Wind Direction Sensor

Musktool-FST200-202A Heated Wind Direction Sensor

2023-07-07 10:50:37  

Heated Wind Direction Sensor

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【Product description】

Musktool-F200-202A Auto heated wind direction sensor is a high-reliability, high-performance wind direction measurement sensors, It is with auto-heated de-icing capabilities. It is built-in strong anti-radio, anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-lightning surge protection circuitry circuit. It is applied to test wind direction in construction machinery, railway, port, dock, powder plant, weather station, ropeway, greenhouse, aquaculture, and other industry. It is adapt to harsh and low temperature environment . The main structure is made of alloy material and is surface treated with good waterproof, anti-corrosion capability. Its internal and rotating components are sealed design that can effectively prevent water, salt spray and dust and other intrusion.

 【Technical Parameters】

Supply Voltage12~30VDC12~30VDC15~30VDC
Signal output4~20mA0~5V, RS4850~10V
Start wind speed≤0.5m/sTesting range0-360°
Accuracy±3°Anti-Wind strength>70m/s
Surge protectionEMC IIIProtection rate IP55
Working temperature-40℃~+85℃Electrostatic protection15KV
Heat waysPTC Auto-heatedHumidity0%~95%(Non-condensing)
Heat powerDC24VWind cup materialStainless steel 304
Heat Power<50WMainAluminum / polyester coating

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