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Musktool-FST200-204A Heated Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

Musktool-FST200-204A Heated Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

2023-07-07 10:42:55  

Heated Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

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【Product description】

Musktool-FST200-204A heating type ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor uses the ultrasonic time difference method to measure the wind speed and direction. Featured with high measurement accuracy, reliable performance, easy to carry, no moving parts, no maintenance and on-site calibration, is a more advanced instrument for measuring wind speed and direction.

Product features

♦ The original stainless steel integrated appearance design adopts advanced sensing technology to measure in real time, without starting wind speed limitation, no angle limitation, and obtain data of wind speed and wind direction at the same time.
♦ Multiple ultrasonic probes ensure that the parameters are real-time and efficient.
♦ High measurement accuracy, wide range, good stability, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, can work around the clock, not affected by weather changes, without calibration.
♦ Sophisticated craftsmanship, all-solid design, stronger structure, high strength, weather resistance, anti-corrosion and waterproof, long service life
♦ Professional integrated installation, small size, easy to carry and install.
♦ Supporting solar panel and battery power supply, remote wireless transmission of measurement information, long-distance rear detection.

 【Technical Parameters】 

 Wind Speed Parameters
 Measuring range 0~60 m/s
 Starting wind speed 0.1m/s
 Response time  1s
 Resolution  0.1m/s
 Accuracy ±0.3m/s or ±3% (0-30m/s, whichever is greater) ±5% (30-60m/s)
 Wind Direction Parameter
 Measuring range  0-360°
 Starting wind speed 0.1m/s
 Accuracy ±2°
 Resolution 0.1°
 Heating current  0.6~1A
 Power consumption 15~25W
 Temperature control interval  -30~60°C
 Power supply 5V 12V 24V DC for optional
 Digital output signal RS485 4-20mA 0-5V
 Baud rate  9600, 19200, 38400, etc
 Power supply   9 ~ 24VDC
 Average current  <35mA (12VDC)
 Operating temperature range  -30~60°C
 Operating humidity range  0~99%RH
 IP Grade IP66

【External structure】


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