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Musktool-HC-GY21 Rebar Detector

Musktool-HC-GY21 Rebar Detector

2023-07-07 08:20:07  

Cost-effective and accurate rebar detector

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Used for the detection of concrete cover depth as well as the localization, distribution and direction of rebar.



LED light indicator, easy to locate the rebars

Advanced algorithm for nearby rebar correction

Automatic cover calibration

Bluetooth data transmission, real-time upload of data through mobile APP

Replaceable battery and USB ports for quick and easy data transfer

Powerful PC software for data analysis and report generation

Meets or exceeds the specifications of JGJ/T 152-2008 and several other standards


Display: 5.0-inch ISP color LCD

Memory: 2,000,000 rebars

Battery: quick release lithium battery, used continuously for 21 hours

Rebar diameter range: ∅6mm~∅50mm

Small range: 6~95mm, depending on diameter

Big range: 7~190mm, depending on diameter

Cover accuracy: ±1mm: 1~80mm,  ±2mm: 81~120mm,  ±4mm: 121~190mm

Diameter estimate accuracy: ±1 grade

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