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Musktool-HT-225S Digital Concrete Test Hammer

Musktool-HT-225S Digital Concrete Test Hammer

2023-07-07 08:20:31  

Voice broadcast, strength automatic calculate

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Compressive strength testing of concrete structures such as buildings, bridges and tunnels.



Voice broadcast the impact values

Auto-calculate the compressive strength of concrete according to local test standards

Integrated design, small size, light weight, easy to carry

2.8-inch ISP color LCD screen, large screen, high brightness, more information showed

3200mAH Panasonic 18650 lithium battery, can be used continuously for three days

Large memory, 1000 components, 100,000 impacts can be stored

Built-in three-axis gyroscope to automatically determine the detection angle

Bluetooth data transmission, real-time upload of data through mobile APP

Optional Bluetooth printer to print raw records and test results on site

Non-contact raster, advanced acquisition algorithm

Deeply optimized human-computer interaction interface, more convenient to use

Replaceable battery and USB ports for quick and easy data transfer

Powerful PC software for data analysis and report generation

Meets or exceeds the specifications of JGJ/T 23-2011 and several other standards


Size:  Φ60mmx280mm

Weight: 1.186kg

Sensor lifetime: More than 200,000 times

Strength test range: 10~60MPa

Impact energy: 2.207J

Spring stiffness: 7.85N/cm

Impact hammer stroke: 75mm

Display: 2.8-inch ISP color LCD

Memory: 1000 components, 100,000 impacts

Battery: 3200mAH, used continuously for three days

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