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Musktool-HC-U91 Concrete Ultrasonic Tester

Musktool-HC-U91 Concrete Ultrasonic Tester

2023-07-07 08:23:59  

Multifunctional equipment, perform detection of concrete strength, crack depth, crack width and defect with one instrument

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Ultrasonic and rebound comprehensive method for testing concrete strength.

Concrete internal defect detection and positioning.

Concrete crack depth detection.

Concrete crack width detection.



8-inch sun light readable color LCD touch screen that is highly visible in all lighting conditions.

Multifunctional equipment, which can perform detection of concrete strength, crack depth, crack width and defect

Advanced algorithm for automatic first arrival time and amplitude detection

First arrival time, wave-speed, amplitude displayed simultaneously in real-time

First arrival time can be manual corrected to avoid misjudgment

Easily review, retest, delete history data

Performs real-time analysis on site, as well as data transfer with PC reporting software for additional analysis.

meets or exceeds the specifications of JGJ and several other standards


Display:8-inch color LCD touch screen(1024*768)

Plane transducer:2


Sampling interval:0.025μs~2.0μs

Sampling length:1024

Receiver sensitivity:<10μv

Acoustic time range:0~99999μs

Acoustic time accuracy:0.05μs

Amplitude range:0~170dB

Emission voltage:500V, 1000V

Emission pulse width:20μs~20ms

Memory: 2G+4G(USB flash)

Battery: working more than 8 hours

Size: 255*188*63mm


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