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Musktool-FCG-5HD Personal Dust Sampling Kit
Musktool-FCG-5HD Personal Dust Sampling Kit
Musktool-FCG-5HD Personal Dust Sampling Kit
Musktool-FCG-5HD Personal Dust Sampling Kit

Musktool-FCG-5HD Personal Dust Sampling Kit

2023-07-07 14:20:20  

Personal Dust Sampling Kit

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Musktool-FCG-5HD Dust sampler is developed according to the basic requirements of air sampler in GB 50325-2010, GB / T 17061-1997, HJ / T 400-2007, JJG 956-2013 verification regulation of air sampler, and GBZ / T 192 determination of dust in workplace air. It is used for (1-5) l / min flow filter membrane sampling clamp to detect total dust, respirable dust, dust and dust Long time sampling or individual sampling of metal dust. Optional flow range: (1000-5000) ml / min

MEWOI-FCG-5HD air sampler consists of pump, control circuit and power supply. Under normal conditions, it can run continuously for more than 12 hours, which is convenient for sampling. With real-time flow display, sampling volume display, sampling time setting, sampling site temperature, atmospheric pressure measurement display, power indicator, key setting flow, no need to adjust the knob valve, its compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to carry, durable, strong load capacity, accurate and stable flow display, low noise, can be carried when working, The constant current air sampler is convenient for users.


The sampler is composed of self-developed vacuum pump (master core technology, low maintenance cost), microcomputer controller, multi-functional LCD, sealed battery pack with repeated charging, discharging, over-current and short circuit protection and digital flow module. The shell of this series of instruments is made of polycarbonate injection molding, with flame retardant, moisture-proof and antistatic properties.


1. The working process of the sampler is completed by the software and hardware of the microcomputer, which is reliable, easy to operate and highly intelligent;

2. The sampler is equipped with vacuum pump imported from abroad. Users can choose explosion-proof type or non explosion-proof type (its mechanical characteristics are completely the same). The pump has small volume, low heating, reliable operation, low power consumption and high vacuum;

3. The electronic flow meter can display the flow value on the LCD screen in real time and accumulate the sampling volume;

4. Explosion proof lithium battery pack (imported lithium battery) is used in the instrument, which has no battery memory effect, large capacity and long service life. It is equipped with our special charger, which has good charging effect and safety;

5. Short circuit current protection device is used to ensure that the sampler works within the intrinsically safe current range, so that the sampler has good explosion-proof performance;

6. The instrument has two sampling methods: long time sampling by workers in the workplace hanging on the belt, and repeated short time sampling by using matching tripod bracket placed on the job site. The Calibrator employs solid state integrated circuitry that provides accurate and stable performance. 


Flow Range Optional

Option 1:(1.0-5.0) l / min,

Option 2: (0.1-3.0) l / min

Load capacity:

≥ 5.0l/min (1000Pa negative pressure)

Flow error:

≤ ± 5%

Flow stability:

≤ 5%

Flow repeatability:

≤ 2%

Timing range:

1min ~ 99h59min

Three timing modes can be set

1- cycle sampling, 99 cycles, set sampling time, set pause time, cycle times

2 - manual sampling, after setting the sampling flow, direct sampling, timing and manual shutdown are available

3 - timing sampling, set the sampling time, stop sampling when the time is up.

Timing accuracy:

≤ ± 0.1%

Working temperature:

- 10 ℃~ 40 ℃

Ambient temperature:

- 25 ~ 45 ℃


≤ 50dB

Continuous working time:

≥ 12 hours

Explosion proof type:

intrinsically safe ex IB Ⅱ B T3 GB

Power supply:

built in mine lithium ion rechargeable battery, with lithium battery charger

Overall dimension of main engine:

110mm × 105mm × 55mm


About 0.4KG

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