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Musktool-KJ01Mask Fit Detector

Musktool-KJ01Mask Fit Detector

2023-07-07 10:01:15  

Mask Fit Detector

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Product Characteristics

  • Capillary assembly design: no need to punch, no damage to the mask and no impact on the detection of adhesion;

  • Quick Check Mode: The test is completed within 1 minute, which is applicable to the normal check of mask adhesion before high-risk professionals take up the job;

  • compliance standards: GB/T 18664-2002, GB 19083-2010, OSHA 29CFR1910.134;

  • monitoring precision: built-in high-precision laser particle counter and flow monitor, small error;

  • detection is stable: heating method is adopted to eliminate the influence of condensation nuclei on particle concentration detection;

  • Convenient operation: 7-inch color touch screen operation, intelligent voice prompt;

  • High security: Built-in intelligent overload protection configuration can effectively ensure user operation safety.

Product Features

Under different respiratory conditions, the concentration of particles on the inner and outer sides of the mask is measured, and the suitability factor of the mask is calculated according to the concentration of particles, so as to understand the adhesion of the mask and the overall protection efficiency.

Application Field

JK01 is suitable for testing the adhesion and protective performance of daily protective masks, medical masks, KN 95, KN 90 and other types of masks by the National Labor Protection Inspection Center, Safety Protection Inspection Center, Medical Device Inspection Center, Food and Drug Inspection Center, various mask and respirator manufacturers, hospitals and centers for disease prevention and control.

Technical Index

sex energy


sex energy


adhesion coefficient test



7-inch color touch screen

adhesion coefficient error

≤ 5%

Data Storage

4.0G of built-in storage

protection efficiency


transmission interface

USB transmission interface

Protection efficiency error

≤ 5%

Export data format


Test traffic



working temperature 0~35 ℃,0 ~ 85% RH (no condensation); Storage temperature -20~50 ℃,0 ~ 85% RH (no condensation)

test particle size

≥ 0.3 μm

power supply

AC 220V 50/60Hz

measurement range


Appearance Size



≤ 60dB



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