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Musktool-ST1100 series-Marking gages

Musktool-ST1100 series-Marking gages

2023-07-27 11:15:43  

Contact Us for QuotationEmail: mewoi008@mewoi.comWhatsapp:+8619928420370Musktool-ST1100 series-Marking gagesIntroduction·Applicable for mark a line parallel to a straight edge.·Carbide spur·Made of st

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Contact Us for QuotationEmail: mewoi008@mewoi.comWhatsapp:+8619928420370

Musktool-ST1100 series-Marking gages

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·Applicable for mark a line parallel to a straight edge.
·Carbide spur
·Made of stainless steel.
·All Measuring faces are treated through hardening and tuning process.


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