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Musktool-Kanomax 3080 planktonic sampler
Musktool-Kanomax 3080 planktonic sampler
Musktool-Kanomax 3080 planktonic sampler
Musktool-Kanomax 3080 planktonic sampler
Musktool-Kanomax 3080 planktonic sampler
Musktool-Kanomax 3080 planktonic sampler

Musktool-Kanomax 3080 planktonic sampler

2023-07-07 08:32:42  

Musktool-Kanomax 3080 planktonic sampler

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1. Andersen Principle Air Sampler

2. Exhaust filter protection, sound and light alarm

3. 316 stainless steel sampling head

4. Sample volume can be preset and edited

5. Security controls, audit trails

6. Remote control operation, convenient communication, printable and compatible

7. Friendly interface, multiple languages, easy operation

Brief Introduction

Musktool-Kanomax 3080 planktonic sampler adopts 316 stainless steel sampling head, which can be sterilized directly. It is made of professional materials, easy to clean, easy to sterilize and sterilize, and durable.

  This product is designed in strict accordance with the ISO14698-1/2 specification and meets the requirements of GB/T16293-2010 and the new version of GMP2010. The product application of the planktonic sampler is pharmaceutical, hospital, food and beverage, clean room, biological safety cabinet, photoelectric isolator, indoor Sterile environment monitoring applications in air quality, museums, libraries, cosmetics, textiles, agriculture and other fields. Specific parameters of planktonic sampler.

Technical parameters

Traffic100L/min Accuracy ±2.5%
principleAnderson hit
Sample volume20~6000L
The sampling period2~300 times or continuous measurement
test siteeditable notes
test methodSingle test, repeated test
authority managementMulti-level permission management
petri dish90~100mm/55~84mm
exhaust filterISO3 level
led lightstatus, alarm
languageChinese, Japanese, English
display screen4.3inch color touch screen
communicationUSB、RS485(ModBus RTU)
data storageOntology 10000 groups, U disk, csv format, operation log report
data contentDate, time, location, operator, sampling time, volume, period, status
FunctionColor touch screen Intuitive sampling interface displays
multi-level authority management Sampling locations can be edited and remarked
Sampling flow can be edited, preset, repeated, single multiple modes are optional
Stainless steel sampling head can be directly sterilized One-key data export, print
intelligent alarm Remote control operation possible
power supplyLi-lon rechargeable battery, AC100~240V
battery life7h
operating environment0~40℃, 0~90%RH non-condensing
body weight3.2kg
body size136 x 235 x 133mm
Standard accessoriesProtective box, AC adapter, instruction manual, original factory inspection report, remote control, U disk, culture dish base adjustment tool
optionalTripod, high pressure gas sampler assembly, printer

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