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Musktool-CP1015 High Frequency AC current probe

Musktool-CP1015 High Frequency AC current probe

2023-08-03 17:15:52  

Contact Us for QuotationEmail: mewoi008@mewoi.comWhatsapp:+8619928420370Musktool-CP1015 High Frequency AC current probeSpecificationBandwidth(-3dB)80Hz~60MHzMax continuous current15App(5.3Arms)Max cur

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  • Serial No. : monica0229
Contact Us for QuotationEmail: mewoi008@mewoi.comWhatsapp:+8619928420370

Musktool-CP1015 High Frequency AC current probe


Max continuous current15App(5.3Arms)
Max current VS Frequency(Fig. 1)
Max Pulse Current250Apk (Fig 2) Can’t surpass 500A*us or 5.3 Arms, or the magnetic core could saturate and unable to zero.
Max DC saturation current0.5A
Intermediate Frequency Accuracy≤3%
Current Transfer Ratio100mV/A
Delay time16ns
Rising time≤5.83ns
Terminal Load1MΩ
Input Impedance (Typical)0.04Ω(100kHz),0.14Ω(1MHz)
Clamp DiameterApprox. 5mm
Output PortBNC
Output cable length1.5m
Safety level300V CATI
Safety Level
Operating Temperature and Humidity0℃~50℃,80% or less
Storing Temperature and Humidity-40℃~70℃,80% or less
Operating Altitude2000m
Size ( Length* Width * Height)216*115*45mm
WeightApprox. 150g

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