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Musktool-LMRD-30(15M) Handheld Laser Methane CH4 Remote Detector

Musktool-LMRD-30(15M) Handheld Laser Methane CH4 Remote Detector

2023-07-06 17:57:03  

Musktool-LMRD-30(15M) Handheld Laser Methane CH4 Remote Detector

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Musktool-LMRD-30(15M) Handheld Laser Methane CH4 Remote Detector


Musktool-LMRD-30 The Handheld Laser Methane Remote detector is designed by using the Turntable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy technology (TDLAS), it can quickly and efficiently detects methane leaks up to 15 meters away, which allows the users to safely survey areas that maybe hard to reach or difficult terrains, such as busy roadways, locked gates, pipes suspended under bridge, long distance pipeline and other hard to access are as. By using the Handheld Laser Methane Remote detector ,can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the daily inspection, moreover,realize the inspection of the places that were hard or not available to reach.

Main Features:

1,Remote detection: Applicable for the leakage detection of methane or any gas contains methane from 0.5-15m.
2,Easy to operate: Automatically detecting after booting, no periodical calibration needed,almost maintenance free
3,Fast in Response: 0.1 second.
4,High Accuracy: Specific laser detection, highly selective to methane, anti-interference of the environment.
5,High security level: explosive proof type.
6,Ultra long working time: Can last for more than 4 hours in standard mode.
7,Convenient to carry: Ergonomic design, convenient to carry. Friendly interface: System interface, more consumers oriented.


1,The places in emergency repairing and hard to find the leaking range, which lead to higher danger at site.
2,Daily pipeline inspection, which cost large amount of time, manpower, low efficiency.
3,The customer who are using the normal detecting device, which need to be calibrated periodically and complicated, hard to operate, may have the requirements on our laser type detectors.


Target Gas

Gases contain methane CH4

Concentration range(0~50000)ppm·m
Accuracy±10% @ 1000ppm·m
Response time≤0.1s
Distance range for gas detecting①0.5~15m
Resolution for Concentration display100ppm·m
Continuous Working Time≥4Hours
AlarmSound & Flash, Vibration
Ex CertificationEx  ib II A T4 Gb
Size/Weight165mm×78.8mm×36mm/About 350g (battery included)
Size of the charging base102mm×68mm×37mm
Housing materialFlame retardant PC material
Protection gradeIP54
Intrinsic safety typeExibIIC T3 Gb
Laser ClassClassⅠ(detection laser)、ClassⅢA(direction laser)
Working temperature-20~50℃
Working humidity≤98% (non-condensing)
Working pressure68kPa~115kPa
Storage temperature-40~60℃
Charging base functionWith charging indication and anti-overcharge function

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