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Musktool-HGT-2301 Heal Gradient Tester

Musktool-HGT-2301 Heal Gradient Tester

2023-07-07 15:31:23  

Musktool-HGT-2301 Heal Gradient Tester

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Applies to best parameters determination of heat sealability of various kinds of film. Heat sealability of film depends on temperature, pressure and heat time and the HSL-6001 Heat Seal Tester is widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging industries.


1: Embedded system control

2: Own technology

3: Touch screen operation, easy to operate

4: TFT LCD display, UI flattening design

5: 6 temperature controllers , controlled independently

6: Micro-printer prints mini-report
7: Pressure easy to adjust, heat temperature and time touch screen input.

8: Emergency stop button, safety design to prevent burns
9: Over temperature protection, over pressure protection

10: Silence working, no cooling fan

11: DB9 RS232 communication port.

12: DSM system is optional(Laboratory Management Information System), easy to manage and share test data.


Heat Temperature
room temperature+6 ~ 300℃


±0.2 ℃

Dell Time

0.1~ 999.9s

±0.2 ℃
Dell Time
0.1~ 999.9s
Heat Pressure
0.05MPa ~ 0.6MPa(standard)
Upper Heat Jaws
5, controlled independently
Lower Heat Jaws
1, controlled independently
Upper Jaw Heat Surface
(40mm × 10mm) × 5
Upper Jaw Surface
smooth plane(standard)
Gas Source Pressure
0.05MPa ~ 1.1MPa (self-provide)
Gas Source Interface
Power Supply
AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight


QB/T 2358(ZBY 28004)ASTM F2029YBB 00122003


Delivery: main unit, micro-printer, foot pedal, sample feeding rod.

Optional: communication cable, DSM system

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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